23 Ruthless Conditions Accepted by Parents with a Sense of Humour Shown in Tweets

Parents know how it is challenging to raise their kids, answering meaningless questions. The quarantine time has been even more difficult for all of them. However, it might be exciting, wonderful, and even exhausting. So here we have tried to capture tweet posts of the parents in which they share their funny experience with the kids during the lockdown. However, even while answering them, parents have managed to maintain their sense of humour. See the results of how did they go.

#1 Kids brought breakfast for their mother in bed. However, they end up eating themselves. 

#2 A kid cried for a half-hour because her mom doesn’t allow her to eat the second popsicle. 

#3 A lady wants to have coffee in a soft atmosphere, so she sent her kids to find a toy that’s present in her pocket. 

#4 The kid says she does not want a big cake on birthday; however, she wants small cakes ever day.

#5 You can say five minutes of one minute to kids. 

#6 A kid asked a hundred dollars for letting her mom sleep. 

#7 Parents of commercial shows never seem tired.

#8 A mom is playing the emotional card of 9 months of sacrifice for having ten waffles.

#9 Middle school kid remembers the lunch place. 

#10 Barista says that man after you will pay your bills. However, kids say that their mom does not live with that guy.

#11 Five years old says something in-ear is very unsettling.

#12 In parenthood, you will ask the shower time from your spouse.

#13 Cooking for the kid is great than teaching them to cook because they are never going to clean the mess. 

#14 One kid creates more mess than ten kids.

#15 Kids learn the way parents live their lives.

#16 A teenager says they are calm so they should become women to understand calmness. 


#17 Kids do not understand the adjustment of various snacks after school starts.

#18 The parent wanted pizza but declined to have at their kid’s birthday party. 

#19 Mom says, you know in mine craft to kid and kid replies no. 

#20 Mom can’t write things like the couch, shirt, and other things at home.

#21 If a kid says having pancakes and waffles at the same time is delicious, then the parent’s do their job.

#22 Mom tells adventure, suspicious, and romantic story to kid and kid doesn’t enjoy it.

#23 Kid leads her sister at the leash of a dog and says it is parenting fact.

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