People Crunching The Math Numbers on Tumblr 

Well, whenever we study a subject, we start relating it to real life. Also, when it comes to practical calculations subject like mathematics, it seems to be very different. The uniqueness is in the way we take it. In the real world, we do not believe in many things that are in our books. We ignore them. One such example is maths.

Many people believe that math numbers do not consist of appropriate applications in the world. We even say books should not include a particular topic to understand which we cannot use in real life. However, numerous real examples turn out the use of math numbers. Here are the examples in the form of posts by Tumblr users. 

#1 Spongebob movie’s character is working from 31 years; drastically, his age is 32. 

#2 Government censuses vary around one per cent for the existence of fins in Finland. 

#3 Zero by ten recommend nothing to the world. 

#4 Budweiser spends 5 million dollars on commercials for the donation of $100k water.

#5 Movies also consist of the use of measurement units. 

#6 A menu consists of different rates of wings. 

#7 A person derives formula on the total wings used on the rails. 

#8 One person draws a graph for the better price of wings.

#9 The formula derived by one person explains that 25 wings can cost better than five wings. 

#10 People are trying to focus on the chart for the knowledge of wings used dollar per number of wings. 

#11 The chart shows that the minimum price of wings is $1.1120, and the maximum is $1.1400.

#12 A character swims faster in PUBG than Michael Phelps games.

#13 The person solves a simple puzzle by using numerical integration formulas. 

#14 More than 4.5 million Birds together can crap the car.

#15 A kid uses to work for 17 hours so that he can pay for his tuition fee. 

#16 A Verizon costs $2.89 to every user in a day.

#17 A person writes on his car that $685 has stolen from him by some AT&T at the mall.

#18 Reply on the above tweet came that why people spend so much money on one sticker. 

#19 Another person replies that he has earned that sticker very easily in $57k because stickers are very costly.  

Now let us know what do you think about these posts.

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