People Reveal The Wholesome Secrets They’re Keeping From Their SOs

People keep secrets for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes, these reasons are sinister—we’ve done something illicit or bad and don’t want to tarnish our reputation or face consequences. But not all secrets are dark or salacious. Sometimes, we keep positive things to ourselves to make someone else feel good, or out of humility—even though telling people would earn us some major validation.

There’s nothing we wouldn’t do for our other halves. We would give them the last packet of Reese’s. We would pretend we find their jokes funny only to make the moment for them (even if it’s the stupidest thing we’ve heard). And we would also keep some tiny little secrets from them, so that their life would be as enjoyable as it can be.

We have the most awwww-inducing Secrets right below. So get ready to melt, because if there’s anything that can save the world right now, it must be this pure form of love.





















Author: Khushi

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