How 15+ Fairy Princesses Look When They Gain Weight?

Fairy Tales always represent the princesses to be gentle and kind personalities. They are perfect with their slim bodies. But have you thought of a princess with heavy bodyweight? How will they look? Well, try to imagine them with some different looks. They have pronounced curves, and then you realise results are not right. You will not like these princesses anymore.

Here is our creation for you by introducing you to different new observations. These are very refreshing and liberating.

#1 Meet Elsa with an entirely gained body weight in the below picture. But she looks beautiful in this one too. 

#2 Here you meet Pocahontas with a heavyweight but she appears differently.

#3 I think Ariel may not be able to move freely as she does after this.

#4 Meet Belle with a heavy stomach and face

#5 Anna seems similar to her body beauty.

#6 None can transform her and take Jasmine’s place. 

#7 Snow White looks even more beautiful and cute with a massive transformation.

#8 Moana shades her beauty every time. 

#9 A beautiful Cindrella in a fantastic outfit even with great transformation.

#10 you can view a good change in Mulan and her appearance.

#11 Tiana keeps shining every time with her crown and bright shades.

#12 Aurora seems to be an adult princess in this beautiful outfit.

#13 Merida will be a warrior every time.

#14 Rapunzel has a transformation after gaining weight.

#15 Wendy is a cute and innocent girl every time you see her even after gaining weight.

#16 Meg will lose her beauty of body once she gains weight.

#17 You will not find transformation in the face of Kida after weight gain.

#18 Anastasia will never lose her beauty even after this transformation.

Do you love this transformation of the fairy princesses? They always had slim fit bodies, but this transformation has changed their looks. Surely we will help you with more results next time.

Author: Rashi

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