30 Poking Drawings That Illustrate Everyday Funny Life

Humans want to live in their comfort zone every time. However, the truth is that they never want to face in their lives. Whatever the reason could be the real fact is Drawtism explains the reality of life. With his drawings, he explains the day to day life of people and their reactions. However, his main motive behind such things is to let people get rid of the mundane lifestyle.

Many people find comfort in their lifestyle, and each and every person do so. But the fact is only a few people would follow a blunt sense. Drawtism is the UK based artist who has been expert in his art and illustrations. He develops a different style to form and relate everything to true and real. See some examples he took for an explanation from his drawings.

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#1 Cats can never be your best friend. 

#2 Justice will never happen until the unaffected person outrages itself.

#3 A dog asks for a joke, so the second dog replies bark bark. 

#4 Kid tells his parents that he is gay, and mom asks his dad to remain polite.  

#5 Dogs usually make a large number of perceptions. 

#6 Dad says to his kid that one day he will grow up, and the kid says that he is already 23. 

#7 Dogs sleep in hilarious positions. 

#8 Keyworker means overlooked and undervalued person. 

#9 One person came to take orders from a man then he replies that his wife has shit from 15 minutes in the bathroom. 

#10 The reality of bodybuilders receives praise from men than women. 

#11 A man goes to Britain’s got talent with the bird’s impression. 

#12 Men will always remain kids even after having a great wife.

#13 Dad gifts fish fingers to his daughter.

#14 Men brought flowers for her wife, and the wife does not have a vase to keep it. 

#15 Aquaman has trapped under various waste materials. 

#16 Women do not vaccinate their kids, and therefore, kids are facing various health problems.

#17 Lockdown haircut has gone through numerous stages. 

#18 There is a vast difference between genealogists and gynaecologist. 

#19 Tiktok users have added under dog’s type. 

#20 Two people are diving together in the water. 

#21 One policeman covers another man with a bedsheet.

#22 The doctor tells a man that his wife has her first child.

#23 A person calls reception for listening to worse words. 

#24 Animals create a terrible impression. 

#25 The man uses a vacuum cleaner and does not clean it.

#26 Lockdown has created various lifestyles. 

#27 You need to carry for having vegetables and fruits from the market.

#28 A man applies super glue on the Frisbee of the women.

#29 A doctor says that men’s wife was not able to make. 

#30 Lockdown haircut style of women went from nest to identity revealing. 

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