Princess Ariel lived underwater and ran a kingdom. However, according to the belief, she lived under the water when there was nothing like plastics and oil spills underwater. At the time of Princess Ariel, there were two ships. But now bottles have become the most significant waste of the sea. But for today, we cannot even imagine such princesses to live underwater. It is all because of people throwing off the waste in the water, especially that factory waste. The increasing chemical composition underwater has caused many problems for marine life.

The worst impact is people still keep throwing waste inside water. But imagine if Ariel has to come and live in the sea? Can she even survive now? What will be her reaction after watching the present condition? Today, an artist named Stephanie Hermes tried to depict the story and called Ariel as “The Little Trashmaid.” In this, Ariel is wearing plastic bottles instead of beautiful accessories. The wastewater has now become the center of attention these days. It seems to very disheartening, but still, we should give a special thanks to the artist. He is the one who is trying to make people aware of rising issues.

Stephanie has tried to explain it with the cutest and astonishing art. He always says that the style of art which he uses is inspired by the American Cartoon inspirations. To know more, you can reach his art through shared sources of official social media accounts.

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Don’t know what Ariel would be thinking of after she would have seen this worst water conditions. See how it had impacted her life once you imagine her to be present in the real world. She must not have felt to survive more after such wrong conditions. What do you believe? Keep sharing with us!

Author: Rashi

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