Superb Drawings Expressing the Real Character of the Country 

An artist from Iraq has painted and drawn numerous fantastic drawings for expressing his thoughts about the sad reality of his country. He lives in that part of the country where everything seems to be tragic and demolishing. This artist has used drawing at the best mode of transferring the message to the world in an excellent way. 

You can examine these pictures in your mind that how much violence this artist has seen in his area. Let’s summarise some pictures in particular words that may create change in the lives of people. You will surely find them to be beautiful and the message is conveying. 

Read details in the following points:

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#1 The violating reality of Iraq has trapped the dreams of many children inside their minds. 

#2 People want to love each other by flying away from this part of the country as cartoons can quickly fly in the sky. 

#3 A little life jacket can never protect the lives of people from cruelty.

#4 People collecting the food from the sides of the road where a cartoon is offering good food 

#5 The families are collecting water from the polluted pond where even cartoonist character is hesitating to drink water.

#6 The homes have destroyed by the terrible bomb blasts, and people do not have a place to live. 

#7 Humans are crying after watching his hardships of their lives, even when they do not have holy places live. 

#8 No one repairs the wire instead they add-on new ones, that is why spiders also have trapped in these wires of transformers. 

#9 Kids are living around the dirty and smelly areas where sewage wastes settle entirely.

#10 The areas of Iraq have covered with flooded water. And that is why poor kids need to push their bikes for travelling from one place to another.  

So, when are you planning to make your story?

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