Influencers Surprise Everyone By Revealing How They Look In Real Life Vs. Their Instagram Photos

Nowadays, the pictures which remain on social media, it is not known whether it is real or fake. The quality of social media levels over the years cannot be trusted. Here more pictures filled with lies are seen than the truth. Most of the pictures we see on social media are fake and at the same time, the line between reality and fiction has become very blurred. We don’t think you’ll be able to see any more than this for a long time. The vast majority of filters and excessive photoshop can make almost anyone’s face unrecognizable now. And the worst part is, editing more and more photos can make you follow a realistic body expectation.

Reportedly, two Chinese influences recently revealed that it takes a lot of editing to create a social media photo. These Chinese influences have posted their photos with and without filters to bring out the truth. By doing this, they want to make all fans realize that photoshopping is no longer just about blurring out freckles or hiding a pimple. You can guess for yourself by looking at these pictures given below that some influencer’s work fools the public to become popular on social media.


 These two influencers recently posted pictures of themselves with and without filters

#2 This is how they look after editing their photos…

#3…and this is how they look in real life

#4 you can hardly believe it’s the same person

#5 Here’s another example that shows just how much editing can change one’s appearance

#6 This is how Coeyyyy and her friend typically appear on social media

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