10+Reasons Why You Should Never Trust Social Media

We all cannot deny that whenever we see someone’s picture on Instagram. And if she is fancy and beautiful then we get a little jealous. It arises in the mind of all the people that how to get that dream body. People think that I am eating keto, doing yoga, and doing cardio too but nothing has happened till now. Or many people sometimes even think that “Wow, how lucky she is and her husband also keeps her like a queen. We get immersed in that feeling to express our feelings and use that feeling.” We can also turn to this power to fulfill our desires. But have you ever thought about whether the models you think of chasing are real or fake?


The Instagram of all these models, whether it is an influencer or spread by a social media marketing company. If the model is on social media, then her picture can also be fake. It can all be too fake to get our attention. You should look at such a picture carefully and see closely whether it is real or fake. The pictures below are the flip side of the true photos you are seeing on Instagram. You see them and judge for yourself whether this model shares a picture of truth or a lie.


#1 That sacrifice…

#2 Looks impressive… oh wait

#3 Editing is an art

#4 Hold your breath

#5 No pain no gain

#6 Nailed it!

#7 Fake it until you make it

#8 Feel that summer vibe yet?

#9 It looks good just for a minute

#10 Make use of what you have

#11 When you want to travel but you can’t

#12 The other side of truth

#13 How to look fancy with tapes

#14 How to get yourself a man

#15 Friend’s support for a nice pic

#16 Can’t go to the sea? Not a problem

#17 One… two… three… okay

#18 It’s like magic

#19 The dream of all men



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