50 Times Talented Artists Amazed Us By Recreating Non-Human Cartoon Characters As Humans

Cartoons provide a certain amount of freedom. All we have to say is that these days Disney is giving live-action treatment to almost every cartoon movie they make. Justice cannot be done to some such animated films. The artist has said that those who have preceded it like iterations for him. He’s just trying to say that some things can’t be made better than CGI. In actual live-action, the color palette is always different compared to when it is animated. For example, you can look at the Lion King.

And this is the main reason why people want to see talented artists portraying cartoon characters in their style. Today we have decided to compile for you some different re-imaginings of non-human characters. These artists have tried to recreate in human form. you also scroll and enjoy.


#1. I didn’t think penguins could have such varying personalities

#2. The expressions of Judy and Nick are spot-on!

#3. Duchess and Thomas sure do look happy.


#4. True love right here between Mickey and Minnie.

#5. The pink strip in Judy’s hair just makes this perfect

#6. Pumba looks like he is thinking hard about something

#7. I didn’t think these hyenas could look any eviler.

#8. Lady and the Tramp have such adorable expressions.

#9. I am having mixed feelings about this handsome Scar.

#10. There is no difference in Louis.

#11. I have to say that anime Eve looks adorable.

#12. This is Olaf, no doubt.

#13. Dory is looking great with that dumbstruck look.

#14. No question, this is perfect.

#15. Perry looks even suaver as a human.

#16. They made Bell Weather way too adorable.

#17. Rainbow Dash looks way too cool.

#18. I have to admit Tuffy looks quite cute.

#19. All the Loony Tunes as humans.

#20. The expressions are the same.

#21. We have got some of the cast of The Lion King.

#22. Mittens and Bolt have great hair in this.

#23. Has Bb-8 ever looked cuter?

#24. The hoodie is a great addition.

#25. Even I have to admit that Simba is looking way too handsome for his original character.

#26. All the Chip n Dale characters.

#27. They are making quite extreme Duck faces.


#28. And we have Animaniacs here.

#29. Some of the Disney horses as humans.

#30. I would watch a Sonic anime.


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