See How Once Rejected Sells His Designs to Rival Company And Became A Good Competitor

For the young owners, they always compare themselves to the experienced ones. They believe they are masters of all and have good knowledge in their field. However, there is an example of a guy who is quite different from others in every aspect. His way of introducing new designs in the market is different and unique. People felt impressed of him. He brilliantly displayed ward off locker thieves. He describes how lockers at that time were easy for people to break into.

#1 This is a story of a father who was well educated and hold a degree of mechanicla engineering. However, it made him proud for working with different companies.

#2 He worked privately on the ideas. In those, he described that how gym lockers worked. He realised there was a problem to work with metal lockers.

#3 The authors father had to struggle very hard after his designs. At least for six months he has been working hard to get into a company. Finally, he succeeded in it.

#4 The young business person always thinks that he will bring a new approach for everything. Hence he has been working to bring 99% in the change of thoughts of the people. Hence everything went curious.

#5 After the father got fired from a company, he was never upset. He kept on calling different people he had known once he reached home. He cleaned his area in the office and took everything along with him to his home.

#6 Now the father got a new chance to work with rival company. There he got a chance to teach the workers to prepare the lockers and give a tough competition to other rivals. They completely destroyed the first company he had worked with.

#7 Now the designs were finally implemented in the second company. The new lockers were introduced in the market. Hence one thing is very clear that new guys are not to take position of the old ones. But the fact is insecurity for the position.

Author: Rashi

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