25 Tumblr Posts That Made Us Rethink Our Favorite Disney Movies

Disney shows are full of hidden messages and won’t be able to notice unless you concentrate really hard. Most of us are not aware of these tiny details that make our favourite movies so much more interesting.
But thanks to Tumblr users, who are always analyzing every scene and throwing the craziest theories out of them which somehow make perfect sense making us rethink about our favourite Disney movies.
Seriously, these 25 Tumblr posts below will blow your mind and give you a whole new appreciation of some of your favourite moments and characters from the Disney films you all grew up with.

25 Disney On Ice

24. We All Know That Dad Face

23. Dance With Colors Of The Wind

22. The Wishing Star

21. The Woman Who Trained Coulson

20. Like Seriously?

19. Can We Call It Some Detailing On Point?

18. A Goofy Realization

17. Flynn, The Only Sane Person In Disney

16. There Are So Many Levels To That Joke

15. She Never Wish For A Prince

14. That’s Our Dream Princess

13. Siding With Triton

12. That’s Right Susan! So Stop Asking

11. Elsa Lessons

10. Hahaha!

9. The Scariest Part Of Tangled

8. He Means Two Words In Greek Not In English Ya!

7. The Difference In Teaching Methods

6. If You Hear The Word Fool In Disney, You Must Know Who Are They

5. Patrick Warburton > Kronk

4. Who Do You Love The Most?

3. The Orphans!

2. On The Run

1. The Right Type Of Disney Princesses

Author: Piyali Majumder

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