Revenge Taken by Nurses on Their Roommates

Have you ever lived with a nurse as a roommate? Then you can relate these following given facts. It has always believed that you should never underestimate the revenge power of nurses. They plan their revenge very accurately and then execute the planning at the right time. Nurses never pay proper regards to the bad roommates, and they also expect the rent payment on time. They also take the matter to court and then handle the case in such a way that they defeat their roommates.

Let’s check the following given story of nurse roommates that have cruelly taken revenge. The matter of these three nurses also goes to the court case, and then, at last, they left defeated. They were sharing one apartment, and all of them were having the same profession. They also talked with each other many times to solve their matters, but everything started getting worse with time. 

#1 This story consists of a nurse that uses the Pavlovian conditioning to train other nurses so that he can behave responsibly. 

#2 Three nurses were living together in an apartment where a loud conversation in the common room was quickly apparent to other rooms. 

#3 The third roommate was very annoying because he uses a phone in the standard room. Therefore, he used to disturb other roommates. 

#4 Then two of them decide to talk nicely with a third roommate. However, he went back to his habits again after some days. 

#5 Then, a nurse thought of using the admin privilege of wifi, and he decided to teach a lesson to the annoying nurse. 

#6 The nurse started using this opportunity of turning on and off the wifi for irritating the annoying roommate. 

#7 Therefore, the trick worked, and the terrible roommate started using the phone less in the standard room.

#8 The story ends with a great lesson that you need to be smart all the time. 

It was the story of a nurse. however, you must never underestimate anyone around you. None knows what a person is thinking right then. Better be safe.

Author: Rashi

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