Rude Young Man Tells Lady To “Shut Her Baby Up”, Then His Father Steps In

Baby is the biggest responsibility of a couple, they can’t be slack with his upbringing. It is very important to provide him with ethics, morale, and confidence. All these things will help him in the future to build his career. You can’t understand how tough a job it is to take care of a baby and please it. Until and unless you have one.

We all know that an infant can’t talk, so it is very tough to understand what he wants. He only can communicate with crying and it is his parent’s job to find out the reason why he is crying. People understand this fact, so whenever they hear or see a baby crying in a public place they don’t say anything even if they are annoyed. But this younger generation gets quickly offended and loses their temper easily.

The same incident happened to Lucy Hatami. What exactly she endured and what is the whole matter you will get to know in the below article.

New mom Lucy and her baby

Lucy went to a restaurant with her 8-month-old baby, where he started crying out loud. She was trying her best to please him but she didn’t get any success. And what happened after this was so shocking not for only Lucy but for the whole restaurant.

She posted the whole incident in his Facebook post

Yes, you read it right when her baby won’t stop crying, then a 20-year-old boy stand up and told her to shut her baby. Before she replies to him, the boy’s father stood up and said him to apologize for his rude behavior. His father’s action pleased everyone who was present there. Soon that boy also understand what was his fault, and he was really sorry for his behavior.

Lucy’s cute little baby

Lucy’s beautiful family

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