Actual Scaled Drawings of the Pokemon on Tumblr Thread 

Pokemon was one of the famous and popular cartoon shows for the kids in the 90s. All kids use to watch the show regularly with friends and siblings in the morning as well as evening. Childhood has spent very impressive and blasting with this cartoonist show. The Pokemon show use to consist of different characters and cartons that use to play different exciting roles. The Tumblr Thread is going to explain the madness of children towards the show named Pokemon. You can enjoy these characters by reading their features and qualities of how you spent your childhood with them. 

Eight drawings of Pokemon character  

You must read the following given characters’ quality for remembering your exciting childhood. The two teams use to fight with each other in Pokemon. Also, Pokemon use to win all the drastic fights with the help of his team support. Check the following given Tumblr Threads description about Pokemon’s character. Hence, through these, you will remember you’re at a good time. Pokemon characters use to be global happiness and excitement because of the imposing and cartoonist looks. 

#1 Sinner bird has made after seeing the visual of a small bird. 

#2 Secondly, thread believes that Pokemon use to look like a bat for once.

#3 The Pokemon also receives a thread of snake because it has also seen as a character in this cartoon. 

#4 A very small and tiny boi also enters in the show to entertain kids. 

#5 Zangoose named Alpha Bread entered the show to create another level of anger. 

#6 A pocket-sized boy was a charming band was very easy to handle for fighting. 

#7 A little one Pokemon acts great for fighting purposes because they are always polliwogs. 

#8 A large-eyed character used as Pokemon thread by the creators.  

So, I am sure you would have loved these characters. Keep waiting for more details.

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