These Photos May Seem Fake To You But Are Actually Real.

Some things may seem real to you but are actually fake and some things which your naked eyes can’t believe is actually real in life. There are many apps today which you can use to transform your photos and they actually help you to create a new look for your photo or video. Some professional artist with their creativity create so amazing looks that it’s hard to believe for the naked eye on their reality. You might have seen some photos or some paintings which look like they are captured for real but are actually Photoshop.

Out of all the apps available on the google play store, Photoshop is an amazing tool which is used to transform or alter any object or a person. Well apart from these artificial tools there is one such tool which can do much more that you guys never thought of and yes it is our mother nature which according to the famous poet and writer Mehmet Murat lldan, can “make fun of the power of man at any time.” Without disturbing the mother nature and going against it sometimes people create something which is so amazing and extra ordinary.

At savage humans, we collected some of the amazing 20

photos that may seem fake to some people when they look at it but are actually real.

Scroll down below to see some of the amazing photos.

1. When a hurricane hits, it destroys everything even those standing up.

2. Amazing wire art of Benedict Radcliffe. Can you guys believe this?

3. Well i must say this is an amazing shot.

4. What an amazing view of lake Abraham in Canada in winters.

5. I can’t believe my eyes, she is carrying 4,60,000 bees attached to his body.


6. These are some of the realistic sculptures of Rom Mueck.

7. An Amazing shot of the Arcus cloud dust storm in Australia.

8. Is this for Real? This is a picture of the floating faucet sculpture.

9. I know this one is hard to believe but this sinkhole appeared in Guatemala in 2010.

10. This is what makeup can do.


11. A cruise ship so big what is it doing there?

12. Well most of you would think its photoshop, but its an actual picture of two fishermen fishing in a lake full of algae.

13. What a coincidence a rainbow and tornado appearing at the same time in kansas.

14. The Lion’s mane jellyfish.

15. Such a beautiful Scene.


16. An amazing work of George Rousse.

17. This one is an amazing piece of art i must say.

18. A beautiful capture.

19. Beautiful flowers of Takinoue Park in Japan.

20. Smaller and smaller steps to the heaven.


Author: Shaileza Sharma

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