Seven-Year-Old Girl Ditched Disney Princesses To Dress Up As Her Favorite Horror Icons (45 Pics)

If you too are looking for Halloween costumes for your kids this season. Or your kids are going to have a scary day at school. So you have come to the right place today. We would like to introduce you to Coral today. This is a young girl who has won millions of hearts on social media for her scary and creepy costumes. Coral deserves behind all this artwork but at the same time, her mother also deserves this honor. Due to their incredible skills and creativity, the mother-daughter duo has created a flutter on the internet.

Who says that kids can’t look into the heart getting scared because they are scared? This is all rubbish although it does not happen to every child. There are some special kids like Coral who love to play with adornments to transform themselves into magical creatures.  It’s not difficult for this mother-daughter duo to recreate the character of IT, Joker, and Pinhead in real life. You can name it whatever you want and they will make it.

An 8-year-old baby girl will tell you how wonderful and fun life can be for a child who plays with makeup. This baby girl is also the star of kid dreadful. A social media account that showcases Coral’s passion for films and cosplay. You can also scroll down to see all the makeup of this artist girl.

1. If “IT” had a daughter!

2. Pinhead from Hellraiser!

3. “Why So Serious?”

4. The most beautiful, Emily from the corpse bride!

5. Coral as Georgie, who just wanted to play down there!

6. Now this one is quite disturbing! Jackel from Thirteen Ghosts.

 7. Coral as Eric Draven from the movie The Crow!

8. This eye-rolling makes the bride of Chucky less creepy!

9. This Jackal cosplay will definitely haunt your dreams.

 10. But Coral looks adorable in this image!

11. Creepy Coral Bunny!

12. This cosplay will not only scare the crows, but it will also scare grownups.

13. Imagine you are a passerby and saw her standing behind you!

14. If Annabelle was a real-life doll!

15. Coral as Carrier!

16. Lydia from Beetlejuice!

17. How does this mother-daughter duo get such amazing costumes?

18. Even this bucket is so perfectly recreated!

19. Coral should have used tricycle as well…

21. Is this Krampus?

22. Now that’s scary! Every kid’s tooth fairy nightmare.

23. The Nun?

24. This girl can create perfect creepy characters!

25. That attitude, girl!

26. Coral has slain this character from the movie The Exorcist!

27. Trick or Treat!

28. Coral can do the best eye-rolling!

29. This entire team deserves an award for creating this mind-blowing masterpiece!

30. See.No.Evil!

31. Creepy-Cheesy Leprechaun!

32. This combination of lightning, costume and makeup is just lit!

33. Coral is a brave girl who dressed up as Pet Cemetery, one of the scariest and creepiest movies ever!

34. Hella, Spooky!

35. The longer you watch this girl, the creepier it gets!

36. Even the tiniest details are focused on in this picture…

37. The Evil Unicorn!

38. Coral as Zombie Sailor!

39. C’mon bunny, not going down there!

40. Evil Tinkerbell, is that you?

41. How do they find so perfect place and costumes for a perfect cosplay?

42. Creepy Santa!

43. Bride of Frankenstein!

44. Coral is deserving of all admiration for her incredible expressions!

45. Harley Quinn now has the cutest version!

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