Silent Horror Comic Stories By DARKBOX Presented in a Comic Style

Most of us have been very fond of the horror stories about listen to ghosts and their misdeeds to others. No matter if its a matter of books or comics that describe the stories but these are really outstanding. Some of these stories have brought a dark ending while others have really put a good impact. However, sometimes, we keep thinking about the spooky comics that are to raise Halloween spirit. So, at that time, we just feel like we have found something very needy.

Don’t worry if you are searching for creepy, we come across incredible results of the web comics company. The name is DarkBox that has finally come up with “Silent Horror” stories.

The comic has been created by a Malaysian Artist. He has worked hard to engage readers with his stories very well. His stories are very unpredictable showing dark ending. The most interesting part for the comics made by him is the beautiful story without even saying a single word. So for you, here is the presentation or seven different comic stories by this Malaysian Artist. Hopefully, you will surely love it. Find which one you choose as your favorite one. Also, you can reach different social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to know more about the artist.

So let’s dive into it.

Source: Facebook

#1 The Bloodline

#2 The Donor

#3 Visit the New story “Hold Up”

#4 You must have never listened about Entrap.

#5 A story about “Girl.”

#6 Look for the “Girl in the Window.”

#7 Call

So now, you have been through this beautiful presentation of the comic stories by a talented artist. how did you feel after reading it? Do you believe in such comics or have you ever been through such a kind before? For sure, you must have never read about these stories in your lifetime till now. Keep sharing your views with us after reading it.

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