These 30 Hilarious Struggles Of Being Parents Will Make You Laugh And Think

Parenting Is Tough And Necessary.

We all are raised by our own parents. when i asked my mother, was i too difficult for you to handle? She smiled and told me when you will become a mother, you will come to know. Parenting can be tough and challenging, but fortunately some experienced mothers and fathers are tweeting on social media how they handle their daily struggles to let newbies understand what it’s like to raise kids. Parenting is necessary but at the same time it is one of the toughest job for the parents. Some of these struggles are so hilarious that i was unable to control my laughter at one point.

Most of the parents sticks on the  pretty good job of raising kids and honestly, parenting does not mean relying on the natural instincts but knowing what will actually work. Ranging from what to expect when to take out your children in public parks or when to take them out to public toilets to insisting their pants is put on. Here are some of the hilarious tweets that will certainly remind you of some memories who slightly want to catch a break.

And if you don’t have any kids then don’t worry have a look at these tweets. This will surely give you an understanding of what you’ll be getting involved when you decide on becoming parents.

Scroll down below and have fun.

1. Cheese Is Love.

2. Stickers Everywhere.

3. Well I am gonna agree with you on this. Never i repeat never.

4. That’s a quite Huge number. Hey kids stop interrupting your parents.

5. A Punishable Crime. I wanna ask you something, are you still alive?

6. I just can’t stop laughing at his reply.

7. Let him Rest In Peace.

8. No matter how hard you try, they are going to do it in their own way.

9. Yes they are naughty, loving and observant.

10. And one more thing, they are moody too.

11. Savage.

12. Don’t you dare kid.

13. What a small world.

14. Because we are girls, we love fashion and fashion related items.

15. I was unaware of this rule. Thank you.

16. She is growing up too fast.

17. Don’t worry, it’s nothing.

18. You are so lucky to have these kids. I am literally in tears right now.

19. Seriously what?

20. I wanna tell you this is a clear sign of danger.

21. The Child inside you never dies.

22. Do not pee on your brother.

23. You are not a good mother.

24. Best way to call your kid.

25. Everyone has their own choices.

26. The Musical Morning.

27. She won.

28. Don’t tell your kids a lie. I repeat never.

29. Not all just 50% of them.

30. Disneyland is love.

Author: Shaileza Sharma

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