20 Funny Tweets That Perfectly Sums Up Parenting

Parenting is not an easy deal, handling kids are way difficult than it seems. It is stressful and draining taking away all energy and leaving you restless all day. As kids or maybe as teenagers we always used to argue with our parents and never tried to understand their efforts or their life experience behind their every word for us. We keep used to think that they are too old to understand us or they won’t get our thing, however, now when we are in their shoes we truly realize their hard work and care for us. The funny part is they could have probably roasted us at every stage if they wanted to but never did like us – the 90s’ bond parents, who don’t miss a single chance to roast their kids on social media, ummm.. possibly everywhere they can!
Down here are the collection of most hilarious tweets from parents to make you laugh all day.


1. Rekt

2. I’m Guessing What Happened Here?

3. At Least, He’d Stop Crying!

4. Imagine The Look On Her face

5. Lol!

6. Trickster 100

7.  Kids Nowadays

8. Crazy How Nature Does That

9. Hahaha!

10. Suspicion Intensifies

11. Be Careful Before You Wish! Look For God Sign!

13. You Get What You Deserve.

14. Smart Kid!

15. Smart Move!

16.  It Feels The Same!

17. This Will Be Fun When She Read It After Few Years!

18.  Such An Important Question It Seems!

19. What Are They Even Teaching Kids These Days?

20. That Is A Sustainable Move I See!

Author: Piyali Majumder

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