25+ Funny Illustrations for Sunny Street Comics By A New York Artist

Sunny Street Comics has been famous throughout the world. Max Garcia is the famous person behind this comic design and the idea. The fact is, this person has his view of making comics. Once you start reading his comics, you will find them innocent but not as you move ahead. Th pretty dark ending of the long-running comics turns to be very funny. People are fond of this scale.

Max Garcia is a New York-based artist who made this comic. In his comic, he uses random characters like Batman. Only this character is familiar to the people, while others are not. In his comics, this person and a great illustrator use well, earthworms, and water-skiing. These make the comic quite weird. However, it also depicts a hilarious sense of humor many times. The famous illustrations of this artist publish in New York News. You may not find this great representation ever before. His artwork has won many hearts, and the people keep loving him for long. You can visit New York News for the daily comic illustrations by this artist.

Also, you can quickly find him on his Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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Max Garcia is a famous comic artist these days. He has been popular for his illustrations and the way of representation for the comics. The fact behind why people love him for the comics is the twisted ending to them. A start is typically different from the ends. Hence people are very fond of it.

So did these comics make you laugh? How did you feel like reading them? Surely you must be in deep thought after reading these examples by Max. So what do you think about his intelligent representation? Keep sharing your views with us in the comment section below. We are keen to take up your thoughts to consider them.

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