The artist really creates a webcomics to show how wrong the “I’m not like other girls” attitude really is.

We all must have heard the phrase “not like other girls”, either from some or a girl herself. One artist named Julie Hang aka

created a comic series with just that in mind.

Julie always loved drawing and has been doing it since childhood. Growing up she was an anxious and shy kid and had a hard time making friends. Hence rationalizing the situation she started to believe in the “not like the other girls” phenomenon.




“Instead of recognizing my anxiety and trying to overcome it, I’d thought I’m just not like the other girls. Reading ‘me vs. other girls’ comics online validated those negative feelings and stereotypes I had towards other girls, and made me feel like judging others was the ‘cool’ thing to do.” Julie said in an interview.

She started becoming judgemental and presumed other girls were not cool as they fit into the stereotype of being a girl. Julie says she was so busy staying away from not falling into the stereotypes she could not experience things she later realized she enjoyed doing.

Later in life, as she grew as an artist and a person she realized there was more to a person if you get to know them. The turning point in her life was when she attended summer camp in high school art school.








This realization got her to make the “not like other girls” series. Talking about her lonely childhood Julie said when you are young and trying to figure out who you are, the one thing you want is to have individuality. That leads to a lot of self-doubt and judgment towards others.

“In recent years, I’ve felt as though webcomics are headed in a more positive and inclusive direction, with deeper meanings and consideration for their readers, and I’m more than happy to be contributing to that movement” Stated Julie.

Author: Prayagni

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