These Are The New And Revised Human Look Of Your Animal Characters From Movie – The Lion King

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Disney is one of the best rated channel and production company. Originally founded by brothers Walt and Roy O. Disney on October 16 , 1923, this company has always tried to make many childhood happy and memorable. I always use to remember those days when i use to sit on that floor in front of my TV waiting for my favorite Disney shows. Disney has always tried to be their best for most of the kids of today’s generation. It is an American, diversified, multinational and mass media company situated in Burbank, California.

With stories like Snow white, Cinderella, Beauty and the beast and much more, Disney has gained a handsome number of viewers from children and teenagers category. Their only mission is to entertain the whole world and inspire all the people from across the globe through the power of unparalleled story – telling. Out of all these amazing creations of Disney production, one of the successful and most popular one is the lion king.

I hope all of you have watched the movie once and if you guys have no idea what i am talking about i highly recommend you guys to watch this movie. It’s super amazing and do tell your kids too to watch this movie. A lot of Disney fan artist has been creating some really cool stuff and are recreating the older looks of your favorite Disney characters.

One such artist and free lance illustrator Marco Bernard has been creating some looks of your favorite characters from the movie The Lion King. He has been showing his art through his eyes how your well known character would look like if they had human characteristics. For example think of the shows like Tale spin or Duck tales. If you compare those animals with the animals in the lion king, you can really tell the difference they are gonna have. But anyways thanks to Marco Bernard we will now be able to see what they would look like with some modern twist. He has really worked hard on this and let’s just appreciate his art work.

Scroll down below to see how Marco recreated the look of the entire cast of the movie The Lion King.

1. Here Is Mufasa in his new looks.

2. The basketball player Kiara.

3. Kovu

4. Handsome Scar.

5. Strong Zira.

6. Rafiki.

7. Sexy Sarabi.

8. Smart and Sexy Simba.

9. Nala.

10. Angry Vitani.

11. Baby Lion King.

12. Timon and Pumba.

13. Kiara and Kovu – the couple.

14. Mufasa and Sarabi.

15. Simba and Nala.

16. The entire cast of lion king in their new looks.

Author: Shaileza Sharma

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