There is An Exhibition That Every Tim Burton Fan Should Visit At Least Once In Their Life

Tim Burton is truly an amazing icon

 Not every film by this talented artist is a masterpiece. And many people do not even like some of his films. But you can’t deny the sight of this man. This artist brings us classics like Corpse Bride, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and many more. Not only this, his creations are always unique. You can always tell when they’ve made something.

He always leaves his signature on his work. And it’s always thrilling to see this artist do something new. If you think so too and have been a huge fan of most of his works. It will be a great pleasure for you to visit this exhibition. From many idols to the costumes used in films, you will find a lot to remember. Scroll below and enjoy them. We have a little preview for your holiday today.

#1 You can see some of the original models used in the movies.

#2 And who wouldn’t want to see this?

#3 There are many surprises waiting for you.

#4 And the whole structure is a homage to Tim Burton.

#5 You will find something new in every room.

#6 It is obviously much grander in reality.

#7 But no one can capture that in just a few photos.

#8 There are many drafts of the characters which we have come to love today.



#9 And then there are the big colorful exhibits.


#10 I mean, just look at how huge this one is.


#11 You will find something you love in every corner.


#12 Just look at how this ‘snake’ curls all around the building.



#13 It is like Disney land for Tim Burton fans.


#14 And everything matches the aesthetic of Tim Burton.


#15 Every room has a different theme.


#16 And even the outside looks absolutely gorgeous.


#17 I would love to visit this place if I was ever able to.


#18 There is also a sort of house of horrors in there.


#19 I am smiling just looking at the pictures.



#20 You even get to see all the expressions of Jack Skeelington throughout the movie.


#21 Although I wouldn’t go in there if I had a choice.


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