This Artist Illustrate Spine Chilling Comics With Unexpected Dark Ending

Nowadays everyone is tired of hearing traditional stories. Many traditional stories usually have only two concepts.  That is, you understand from this that a good man is seen beating a bad man. The public is also completely tired of seeing this. All the demons and demons are always seen fighting with the good man. And in the end, a good man always wins. However, not all stories are plain black and white. But you get the drill. It is always repeating the same concept over and over while keeping everything simple.  But people are being fed those stories.

Luckily this is an article. Which is known by the name Ehud Lavski and a painter Yael Nathan. who has managed to capture this point? And have decided to take a different approach to storytelling. The stories seem like a bunch of people, but then they are just stories and nothing else. However, whenever you focus on all these stories at once. So we sincerely hope that after reading them you will start enjoying them a lot. Scroll down and enjoy the artwork.


The hunter seems to be tracking an animal since months and never had the opportunity to kill it. Let’s see if he gets lucky today or not.

Oh, he got it! It’s a fox. Is he going to get her this time or is she going to run away like she always does?

Finally, he kills her! But wait… the gunshot has attracted other predators

Wait, what? He was in search of a non-mutated fox? It seems that it was rare and he didn’t kill her. He just put her to sleep.

Aww. The fox is reunited with the love of her life.

He’s a hero! He has been saving all the non-mutated animals from being attacked by mutants.

Any idea what is she trying to hear on the radio?

It’s a radio station which plays haunting songs that she probably can relate to. But her obsession with those haunting songs are freaky or either she’s just a dark character with a past. Let’s see what unfolds next…

I think she found it!?

Coordinates to a place? Who would randomly just air coordinates of a place on a radio station? This is kinda creepy… but I want to know where those coordinates would lead.

This one’s a love story! All the couples should embrace themselves because it would definitely have twists.

Seems like he was way too obsessed with her. But oh well, at least he got married although it would never be the same for him.

See, that’s exactly what I predicted. It’s too hard for a love-struck to find peace into another person other than the one he loves.

Did he just kill himself…? I hope not but I definitely did not see that coming. Let’s find out!

What the…? This is creepy and scary as hell! This story is going to give me nightmares.

Author: Prashant

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