This Fluffy Little Bird Looks Like A Small Dragon

Have you ever thought about how will animated characters look if they were real? Well, nature has its way of surprising us.

There are many wonderful animals around us which sometimes makes us wonder if they are even real. The animated industry has imagined many kinds of animals and their fusions but one creature that remains constant on the list. We are talking about dragons. They are imaginary creatures with wings and fire breath. 

Now we all know dragons are not real they are imaginary but what if we told you there are some creatures who look like them. This is one of nature’s wonders around wildlife.

One of those creatures is a bird named the Great Eared nightjar. It is a small distinctive-looking bird with long furry wings, small ears, and a small beak. This bird definitely will catch your eye for its unique looks and features. It most definitely resembles a dragon with its weird features.

The nightjar is mostly found in southeast Asia. Their Scientific name is Lyncornis Macrotis and they belong to the family of Caprimulgidae. The approximated weight of nightjar is 0.131kg to 0.151kg and has a length ranging from 30cm to 40cm. These birds mostly prefer to live in specific areas of the forest that has rivers as they prefer to live their day out and night in.

Their mating season is usually for the first few months of the year and they both are equally responsible for it. Whenever an egg is laid one or the other parent is always around it to take care of the egg.

Hearing a nightjar is rare and if you are one of those people consider yourself lucky. It definitely is a special experience with sight and sound so distinct and unique.

Author: Prayagni

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