This Is How Famous Marvel Movie Characters Look Like In Their Original Comics

When the shooting of the famous Age of Ultron was completed. At the same time, Paul Bettany’s 7-year-old daughter cried out loud because she wanted purple daddy back. The MCU has nailed in on this film very well. The film was outstanding due to the excellent casting and character development as well as the wonderful writing and cinematography. But the original was the comics. Many of you will be very much crazy about comics? To fuel your passion, we’ve collected 18 characters from Marvel films in their original comics here. We hope that seeing them will make your day today. You can enjoy it by scrolling down and don’t forget to watch till the end.

#1 Vision in comics and vision in movies

#2 Mantis in comics and Mantis in movie are quite different, in the movies Mantis has a less natural suit made of leather

#3 Hawkeye, in MCU he doesn’t have a helmet but doesn’t stop him being fan favorite

#4 The God Of Thunder, the costume is pretty same

#5 Meet God Of Mischief

#6 Our favorite Black Panther, in movie he doesn’t have a cloak for his majesty, well you can never defeat total black

#7 Ant Man, he’s totally same in the movies

#8 Aunty May, Spidey’s aunt gets younger and younger in every new Spider-Man movie

#9 Ancient one, he’s missing his major beard in the movie however, ancient one in the comics is an old man while in the movie she’s a woman

#10 Scarlett Witch

#11 Tony Stark aka Iron Man, Stan Lee himself repeatedly says that Robert Downey Jr. was born to play Tony Stark

#12 Gamora, don’t cry she’s going to be alright

#13 Captain America, in the first movie cap used to look a lot like he did in comics same helmet, same colors, same shield

#14 Bucky Barnes, Bucky from the comics looks more like Robyn Hood than a soldier

#15 The Grandmaster

#16 Groot in the movie and the Groot in the comics, come on what does he need clothes for?

#17 Valkyrie

#18 Heimdall, they look almost the same

Undoubtedly these comics have been a great source of entertainment for us. The origins of these great MCU movies were comics. It’s really strange to see many of these great characters from the comics look so different than in the movies. For example, you can see that Hawkeye wears a helmet in the comics. But unlike in the film Marvel, he neither has to wear a helmet nor has any color in his outfit. And some characters are just like in comics and movies like Antman. We hope you have seen the complete comics. You must tell us which is your favorite comic character. Also, feel free to tell me which version of these characters do you like more.

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