Thought-Provoking Illustrations Cleverly Visualize Themes of Modern Life

Feeling wonderful has become very common nowadays in the modern world of information overload, social media addiction, and work burnout. We are not saying that all this remains some of the concepts behind the work of the german painter Sergio Ingravalle. The talented artist creates funny and thought-provoking pictures. Many people find it very easy to relate to his pictures. Each minimalist illustration in the mind short series by the talented artist brings together. It complex subjects with great ease with just a few shapes and lines. This makes it appear that this artist has an amazing talent for showcasing his talent.

This talented artist Ingravalle first got the opportunity to paint in 2010 during a 5-month trip from Sydney to Beijing. The artist was completely immersed in the art and his love for illustration. He start growing more and more. The artist says that during his travels he met so many great artists and designers. The artist said that it seemed to him that as soon as he plundered the house from Germany, a new path would be cleared in his illustration. The artist started making watercolor portraits as soon as he came back, but then he started feeling that something was not right. It took almost months for the artist to get his board red and black style for which he is famous nowadays.

The artist got inspired by learning a lot from everyday moments. And artist Ingravalle started working on his mind short series. Its title became aware of us that he used to think often while working, talking, watching movies, hanging out with friends. The artist states that some are socially critical and other parts are just ridiculous. The artist’s first in the series shows a red bird wearing an oxygen mask. This really shows that the polluted city has made the air serious for the surrounding wildlife as well.


#1. German illustrator Sergio Ingravalle creates witty, thought-provoking images inspired by modern everyday life.

#2. His series, titled Mindshots, illustrates complex themes with just a few shapes and lines, proving the artist’s natural talent for visual language.


Author: Prashant

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