Top 4 Most Beautiful Snakes In The World

Whenever there is a conversation about snakes beautiful is not a synonym people would use. While defining a snake there will be adjectives like venomous, deadly or dangerous. 

However, there are many species of snakes that are beautiful and pretty. They have the most luxurious, bright colors and patterns. We have curated a list of the 8 Most Beautiful Snakes In The World.


#1 Texas Rat Snake

The Texas Rat Snake is a common snake found in the united states and they are native to Texas. They are separated as being different from the normal Rat snake because of their unusual colors. These can vary from olive-brown to albino; red and orange speckled to leucistic. 

Texas rat snakes are venomous and a popular choice of a pet because of their interesting color.

#2 Emerald Green Pit Viper

Emerald Green Pit Viper was found in the eastern mountains of the Himalayas. They were found in the Burma part of the Himalayas in 2002. This one has extremely beautiful bright colors and markings. Males of this species have bright red eyes and white stripes while females have yellow eyes. They are extremely venomous as well and can grow to 4½ feet long.

#3 Brazilian Rainbow Boa

The Brazilian rainbow boa lives in humid woodland forests but sometimes can be found in open savannas. They were first found in the Amazon River basin, coastal Guyana, French Guiana, Suriname, and southern Venezuela.

A Brazilian rainbow boa’s colors are usually shades of reds and oranges. They have dark spots and striped patterns but the most attractive part of their beauty is their highly iridescent glow. It seems to give off every color of the rainbow hence the name.

#4 California Red-sided Garter Snake

California red-sided garter snakes are great pets and companions to many people. They are very slender and can be quick because of their light body weight.

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