Tumblr Thread Says About Rocky Horror Picture Show

Life is all about weird things happening around you. However, the fact is how you get it. People feel weird and full of threat at the same time. Some things are very special and different. However, have you ever thought what makes them different and astonishing? What is so special in them? Here is a Tumblr thread depicting the weird and astonishing that you need to discover. Rocky Horror Picture is a show the thread is talking about. So read out what makes it so different and special enough.

#1 Rocky Horror Picture was extraordinary for the kids to understand the reality of life.

The fact behind the movie to be appropriate for kids as they do not make any difference in gender. You cannot deny what your history speaks.

#2 For a lot of people, this picture was fun. However, others believe it to be a mental life raft.

Rocky Horror Picture depicts the coverage we had formed before introduction to mobile phones and the Internet. Now think of you not talking to friends and your unnecessary conversation. But you used landline sitting in the same room as of your parents.

#3 For many people, no conversation over the phone meant like the end of the world. It seems to be very alone.

People believe it as a senseless movie. However, the fact is you need to face the time back of the 1980s. You used to sit with your parents and talk to them: no friends talk and no private conversations.

#4 No matter how advanced you get through. The fact is RHPS was still making you comfortable to collect your memories.

RHPS was like a freedom matter. Because many students joined universities when internet technology started, but still, it could not compete for RHPS.

#5 There could be nothing crazy and colourful in your life until you express it in front of others.

The Internet has let you keep privacy, though.

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