Turn Your Pet Into A Disney Character With This Super Cool Snapchat Filter

Snapchat never fails to amuse us with its amazing filter options where it offers hundreds of filters to enlighten your ordinary boring pic. Surprisingly, this is the only app that always comes up with super cool filter ideas that you hardly find in any other social media platforms. Recently, internet users are getting mad over its new filter called “Cartoon Filter” which will make your pet look like a Disney character with those big doe eyes.
If you’re a pet lover or you have a dog at home then you’re pretty blessed with this feature. Haven’t tried the Snapchat filter yet? Well, these absolutely adorable transformations of all pets pics down here will make sure you do.

1. How You Doing?

2. You Hopeless Hooman!

3. My Standards Don’t Match Yours!

4. That Touch Feels Nice Ya!!

5. The Secret Of My Beauty!

6. Nooo! I Didnt Bite Any Thing! Did I?

7. I love This Angle Better!

8. Cuteness Overloaded!

9. Weekend Chill!

10. You Drive Me Crazy!

11. Faces Of 2020!

12. Who Wants Pizza? Meee!

13. I Love My Space!!!

14. WTF!!

15. Who’s there?

16. Don’t Be Jealous You Y’All!

17. Oops! Wrong Touch!

18. Let Me Sleep You Bitch!

19. Excuse Me!


Author: Piyali Majumder

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