There Are The 25 Hilarious Tweets Everyone Should Read

21 Century – The Age Of Social Media.

What do you guys do in your free time? Ah! Yup, scrolling the social media. No matter what, we always spend our free time on whats app chatting with our friends or scrolling the Instagram for some popular videos and stuff or posting some views or content on twitter. We are so stuck in our life and in this hustle – bustle that we are totally lost in our mobile phone. we hardly have a second to spend with our family and i guess this is the biggest reason for the lack of understanding between the parents and the children.

I am not telling you to stop using social media but to use it in a limited amount. Apart from all this, social media do contain some of the hilarious tweets and posts which can make you laugh endlessly and twitter is the ground where you will be able to find such hilarious posts. Here at savage humans we came up with the 25 most hilarious tweets that everyone should read.

Enjoy your quick break with these tweets.

scroll down below to have some fun.

1. See that is why you are not supposed to do Borat Voice.

2. Don’t worry, you’re getting a health star.

3. Don’t Worry sir, it’s already there.

4. Seriously what?

5. Well that’s great pay 1$ and get a tasty grilled cheese with white bread.

6. You are not my mom and never will be – perfect definition for Susan in Webster’s Dictionary.

7. They why the hell you commissioned an artist for this job.

8. Is this PS5 ?

9. That’s my favorite part too.

10. Yup That’s him.

11. words of wisdom by Mario – it’s a me.

12. Sorry about the mess i have created inside me.

13. Perfect way to check whether you are a robot or not.

14. Only two shirts for the date.

15. He is a f*cking loser.

16. I’m also worried about you.

17. Okay!

18. So sad.

19. I would rather say Instagram Vs. Reality.

20. I guess it’s cute and adorable.

21. Her First S*X party.

22. All about contract Laws.

23. He is doing some scene from the movie spider man.

24. If you have a sexy butt, prefer a size larger than your usual size.

25. Potatoes get hatched.

Author: Shaileza Sharma

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