30 Twisted Comic Stories That Remains Favorite 

Usually, people love reading comics especially the one which brings a new change twist. However, it is all about pointing towards stupidity things and to wonder as it raises real-life questions. And this is all Extra Fabulous Comics is to describe everything.

Today, here we have one such example of the artist who started working on these comics in 2011. But now he has gained a huge reputation and fan base. He has a lot of fans following these days.

Here we have a good collection of some such comics to bring a broad smile and laugh to your face.

#1 A girl feels the music is not good when the call is on hold. 

#2 A kid thinks thousands of lives have wasted reading his comics. 

#3 An employee works on the fat by removing brows. 

#4 Parents feel more scared than a kid. 

#5 A woman makes her husband eat so much so that he dies. 

#6 A dog pulls a pillow on the face of a boy. 

#7 A kid jumps from earth to mars. 

#8 A girl writes an unpleasant message to a boy. 

#9 Kids receive the different meaning of rising and shine.

#10 A boy shouts the shark to be aware of behind travelers. 

#11 A girl slept like a baby by peeing in the bed. 

#12 Dad reads the mistakes of the son.

#13 A girl finds murdering very funny. 

#14 God comes to check the condition of hell. 

#15 There are various Mario in a game.

#16 A cop finds the person died for the girl. 

#17 A mom gives her son to another boy. 

#18 A boy carries the turtle to eat. 

#19 A doctor tests the animals. 

#20 A criminal has a gun. 

#21 A kid learns how to punch faster. 

#22 A fish eats away the human. 

#23 Apple falls apart from the tree. 

#24 The married couple always fights. 

#25 A dog gives bark encouragement to the officer. 

#26 The kid opens the mouth of a character. 

#27 A kid is busy when he is doing nothing. 

#28 A kid shots the criminal. 

#29 A boy wants to break up with a dull girl. 

#30 A dad feels amazing that his kid wants to become a pornstar.

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