30 Hilarious Comics With Unexpected Twists

Have you ever thought guys, What if you bring your bad habits and thoughts to the world You will not be adopted in this society because it would be against society? It is not always necessary to have a list of the right things. Sometimes the opposite thoughts come to mind, and the focus shifts from the right thing to the wrong things. Many such things in the world cannot deny. An artist illustrates such stuff in comic books but in a funny way, With meaning and morals.

Make things that do not hurt people’s minds. Put your wrong or weird ideas in front of the world but with different thoughts or different creativity. Then maybe people will understand those things. Let’s talk about Elliot’s comics, Elliot’s comics are downright engaging, and interestingly he makes fun out of what it’s like to be a human being. He lived in a tiny town, Rising from a tiny village, this artist made his art and showed to the world. People loved his weird comics without any hatred or discrimination.

Read below more regarding his illustrations that are simple but deep meaning in them. For sure, you will like them all and pay attention to the surroundings from the day itself. 































Surroundings are weird and sorted. he world is full of weird thoughts and happenings. However, we ignore it very often. The thoughts presented above must have given you a clear idea about it. How did you feel after viewing the above illustrations of reality? Even many things around us are not so safe but still, we never give attention. If you want to have more such illustrations, then you can visit the artist through an online social media platform he has shared with us. Surely you will like these further illustrations too. These 30 compilations are brilliant and simple.

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Author: Rashi

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