‘Unsolved Mysteries’ Again On Netflix Premieres This July.

With no doubt Netflix is the world’s leading streaming entertaining company service with 183 million paid memberships in over 190 countries. People across the world enjoy watching TV series, documentaries and feature films across a wide range of languages and genres. Members can watch their favorite series, movies anytime anywhere or on any internet connected screens.

One of the famous creation ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ is again releasing on Netflix in July. People are excited about the show and let us know what it is actually about.

Scroll down below to have a look at the amazing ‘unsolved mysteries’.


Unsolved Mysteries is a revelation when it was first introduced in late 80’s and still continued in late 90’s too. When technology was not so advanced and people use to overcome their boredom with the help of only one medium that is TV, at that time ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ was a horror show that came up with the real life chilling stories that managed to capture the views needed by its more mature viewers.

The whole series is made superbly, with episodes like the ‘The Abduction of the Allagash Four’ , ‘The chair of the death’, ‘The tragic murders of Pam and Eric Ellender’ and the disappearance of Angela Hammond still causes a fear in fan’s heart.

When Netflix announced that they will be rebooting the most beloved series for their streaming platform, fans were thrilled and they could not control their emotions on the news. But the show will never be the same as with late Robert Stack as the host.

People across the world who has been waiting for the ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ eagerly will have to wait for some more time as Netflix announced that they will be providing the series on the app from 1 July, 2020. Well we don’t know whether the old and previous Unsolved Mysteries episodes will also be uploaded on the app or not, but hey still it is a great news.

Six of the total episodes will be on the Netflix app from 1 July and are named ambiguously. Here is the short description of each of these episodes.

1. Marcus A. Clarke’s  ‘ Mystery On The Rooftop’.

The body of the man was found lying on the floor of an abandoned hotel a week after he went missing. Police is describing the death as a suicide, but according to the medical examiner the cause of the death is “unexplained”.

2. Jimmy Goldblum’s ‘ 13 Minutes’.

An adult mysteriously vanished, leaving behind her son. Existing tensions between the two got more intensified.

3. Clay Jeter’s ‘ House of Terror’.

A family was found buried at the back porch of their home. Authorities claims that the patriarch was nowhere found and that his own gun was of the same model as of the murder weapon which was used.

4. Marcus A Clarke’s ‘ No Ride Home’.

A young man body was found lying after a month he went missing in an area, the enforcers claims that they searched here  multiple times already.

5. Marcus A Clarke’s ‘Berkshires UFO’.

Eyewitnesses tried their hard to convince the world that the UFO sighting they have just witnessed in 1969, when they were children was not fake but real.

6. Clay Jeter’s ‘Missing Witness’.

A teenager later on confessed that she helped her mother in the disposal of the body of her murdered father.


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