Vet Says Dalmatian Will Have 3 Puppies, Dog Gives Birth To 18 Instead

A dalmatian expecting three pups gave birth to an 18-puppy world record litter. 

Cecilia Lanton Bunkergot of Ballarat, Australia loves Dalmatians. She loves them and her life is all about the amazing breed. She trains, shows, and competes with them. 

Cecilia has also owned a high-end breeding program CC Dalmatians for more than 27 years. The program has produced many title champion dogs. She has a better understanding of the breed than any other person around. 

Cecilia decided to breed a litter that would have been best than her title dog Miley. Miley was going to be a first-time mom. Taking careful consideration Cecilia chose Astro Wonder Boy to be the stud.

The breeding went fine with all the precautions taken by professionals. Cecelia took care of Miley and provided her with all the necessary veterinarians throughout her gestation period. 

The vet did X-rays and ultrasound of Miley and told Cecilia there may be three pups. As time went by Cecilia sensed maybe they are more than that. 

“Initially, the vet stated there would be three, but I felt there would be more than that and imagined there would be 15 or 16,” said Cecilia.

Miley was healthy and happy during her pregnancy period. When the Miley went into her labor Cecilia called the team of veterinary nurses that she had on standby to help ensure safe delivery.

The expectations from Miley’s pregnancy were 3 pups but she gave birth to a total of 18 pups. The veterinary team was shocked as she did not stop after 3 pups and it kept going for 13-and-a-half-hour long labor. Miley gave birth to the puppies at a pace of one per hour. 

It started at 7 a.m. and ended at 8.30 p.m with 12 female and six male pups. The litter landed on the Guinness Book of World Records for the world’s largest litter ever birthed. Normally Dalmatian litters consist of 8 – 10 pups.

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