Meet A Master Of Disguise, The Vietnamese Mossy Frog


Nature is full of creepy and curious creatures. One such critter, the Mossy frog, is the embodiment of all these characteristics.

This one of a kind amphibian is native to Vietnam and gets its name from its appearance. The frog body resembles a chunk of moss, it has a green body, black spots, tubercles and spines. Well, I know that sounds a little weird, but they truly exist. 

However, the main concern is not how they look, it’s about them who are about to face extinction because of deforestation around the country.

This creature is desired for its natural abilities like, the frog has one of the more elaborate camouflages on the planet. Its body resembles a moss that typically covers trees and the rocks, it blends in perfectly with the background almost constantly. Well, like an old saying, our nature is full of surprises and it seems so true here.

These creatures are difficult to find not just because of their appearance but they hold the ability to throw their voices up to 3 to 4 meters, which is very rare to see in the animal kingdom making it nearly impossible to hear their call even if you’re too close to them. When scared or threatened, these frogs will roll into a ball and play dead. Thanks to this ability most predators walk past without knowing that they are around or close by.

These Vietnamese mossy frog measures 7 to 8 centimetres and males are generally smaller and thinner than females. Besides this, these creatures have sticky disks on their feet, helping them to climb trees or other surfaces


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