See How Real It IS | People Just Say What We Are Thinking 

We may not express our feeling with everyone until we have Twitter with us. It is the best way when none is there around you and you want to share your opinion with others. Twitter has fulfilled our desires. Here are some examples that we are going to share with you.

Numerous tweets look similar to the thought of what we are thinking about. Let’s check some of the tweets that follow up on our minds.

#1 Celebrities are pampering poor people by singing poor folk songs.

#2 Lol, word has slowly turned from laugh out loud to prevent the worse text. 

#3 ‘Don’t tell anyone’ phrase has entirely changed to that tell the secret to at least one person. 

#4 Having an adult position means just to say its cold outside. 

#5 It is a great fact that many people do not clear the last two seconds of the microwave. 

#6 Applying a face mask means nothing worse will happen. 

#7 During schooling time, your teacher says no for peeing. 

#8 Karen consists of a girl baby named Kyle and a boy named Chad.

#9 There was a time in which you need to run a mile in PE class for credits.

#10 Men mainly use the same soap over the body and face.

#11 You would have saved money in the past if you knew what bills you are going to have.

#12 You can go to class at the college without paying any attention to the teacher.

#13 Lending a headphone item is completely insane to the cousins. 


#14 You get great long weekends for the completion of pending works however you spend them wasting. 

#15 Dieting of a close person can never go silent for 30 days. 

#16 Men will introduce you to parents and will offer you the best date. However, they still say they are not ready for a serious life. 

#17 You must want to have a theatre kid drink that helped them for working at early mornings. 

#18 Elder siblings always consider themselves as the first player in-game.

#19 Girls mainly think that they are ugly because boys with shorts do not like them.

#20 Men spell out their emotions loud on their children.  

Author: Rashi

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