Comic Representations Showing The Facts When You Feel Relaxed in Your Relationship

Relationships are also important part of our lives. Sometimes these are very relaxing while for others they can’t take it for long. However, you never know about the things as these are not always same. For the new beginners to the relationship, they find it very thrilling and mysterious. As a fresh couple, you will find everything new and sometimes odd. As the time passes, you start finding it old and irritating. This is the case for most of the people. If you are into a long-term relationship, you feel like frustrating at many times. You even fight with each other. Well, if you are not comfortable with someone then it means you have not been a good friends first.

If you find someone to be very comfortable with you then you are on your goal to find the best partner. You must be having a good understanding with your partner in that case. Here is a representation by an artist who told her relationship matters. She described everything that was good, bad, and traumatizing. Mark Park defined it in a unique way. The comic representation was started by her in June and to date she has gained over 66 followers on Instagram. Isn’t it quite interesting? Check what you believe among the following cases.

To have more information, you can even check her accounts.

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So, did you find these illustrations funny? Are you too agreed with such situations if you are in a relationship? What are your relationship goals after viewing these? Are you also facing the same as in these illustrations? We know an artist can represent anything with his talent of drawing. But the best part is when they can open up the facts to others and let them enjoy. So keep sharing your ones with us so that we can relate them and form a good connection.

Author: Rashi

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