Illustrator Draws Witty Comics Depicting Everyday Life in Hilariously Relatable Ways


Comics have the power to ease our loneliness. You can destroy all kinds of mental illness with comics as well as offering a healthy dose of smiles. Happiness can be brought to everyone’s face through comics. Talented illustrator and comic artist Prudence’s work has been in line with her popular webcomic Planet Prudence. That’s why she loves to show those little moments of life that many guys especially women find hilariously related. While creating comics, this talented artist Prudence tries her best to create comics with her audience by connecting with them. Often it includes impossible beauty standards that are set for women. Even in the series “Others” and “Me”, the artist tries to depict reality versus expectations of society.

Not all of artist Prudence’s work is exclusively about the women’s experience. This talented artist also writes some of her comics to enjoy the laziness or hardships that come with adulting. Another particularly witty humor from this artist suggests that the two most painful things in life are heartbreak. No wonder the first steps on a plastic LEGO brick. You can also connect with the talented artist on her Instagram. Here you can see her work in more depth as well as help him financially. On her Instagram, she also takes the help of raising money to be financially capable. She was diagnosed with chronic fatigue a while back. This talented artist has also set up a Patreon account that pledges at least $1.


#1 Prudence of Planet Prudence relates to the world by drawing comics

#2 While her comics often focus on the beauty standards of women, much of her work will make anyone smile

#3 Touching on love, finance, and the perils of adulting…

#4 … they’re ultimately about loving yourself.


Author: Prashant

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