10+ Waiters Share The Most Worst Order a Customer Ever Placed.

People who work in restaurants and bars always have this keen sight of understanding the customer’s behavior and their feelings. Serving and meeting thousands of customers daily helped them gain this perspective and to my surprise they always know or have sort of idea what we are thinking. These are just people like us but i must say they are the most helpful and obedient persons i have ever seen in my life. They greet you, open the door for you and serve you with some tasty dishes or drinks. I mean, do you get this type of service at home? LOL.

Most of the people who work in the restaurants and the food service industry often get a close look at the bizarre and sophisticated demands many people have as far as what they eat and how it’s prepared and served to them. Menus only exist for some customers but they are important. Most of the people try to choose them as merely suggestions. Instead of choosing from the menu, tasty and signature dishes of the restaurant they often come up with their own imaginary dishes which are hard to believe.

A waiter was asked “What’s the most ridiculous order a customer has placed and how did you deal with it and here are the responses from the 19 waiter and waitresses sharing the most ridiculous orders customers placed.

Scroll down below and have fun.

1. From Aeorik. Pizza With No cheese and Toppings in a small wing box.

2. From Stylinghead. This lady needs her tofu be cooked hard and they trained their new cooks how to burn the living fuck out her food for her.

3. From Dudervog. He still can’t figure out what his customer was talking about.

4. From Notsocreativeeither. She wanted them to hand her the 22 packs of sweet n lows in the drive thru so that she could take them home.

5. From Crigsdigs. She wants a Pepperoni Pizza with No Pepperoni. Does that mean a cheese pizza ?

6. From MonkeyInATopHat. Please put the nachos close to the woman.

7. From IIkylej15. On a reasonable request you get free spaghetti. LOL.

8. From Poopy_shoe. Do check your menu once. The filet mignon is a type of baked potato rather than a steak.

9. From Ice_Burn. Quarter pounder medium rare, light ketchup with an extra toasted bun.

10. From ezekielragardos. Now you gotta do the same as the customer says.

11. From scatterbastard. Two ice cold beer glasses with some extra ice and specific salad with very little lettuce, extra mushroom, extra tomato, extra onion, no shredded cabbage and no cucumber.

12. From I_Dont_Live_Here. Okay so if these types of annoying customers comes to my place, i am gonna do the same as the chef did.

13. From Shanelol. Orders Dolphin for their amusement.

14. From finishrampant. No body is ever gonna do that. It’s just creepy as fuck.

15. From Rock_hound. More Onion every time and every where he goes.

16. From he_shootin. “Along with this much garlic comes much loneliness”. He works from home.

17. From [deleted]. Well you deserve it.

18. From quokka_808. Cook it but serve it cold.




Author: Shaileza Sharma

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